Blog · April 10, 2022

Foreigner rudely argues with Singaporean man over traffic laws, man’s daughter says ‘Such behavior should not be tolerated’

A woman took to Facebook on Saturday (Apr 9) and uploaded a video of a Caucasian man who had behaved rudely toward her father. 

She told TISG that she has no desire to add fuel to any type of anti-foreigner sentiments, and has turned off commenting on her post.

The man’s rudeness is in full display on the video. As she wrote in the caption of her post, “Such behavior should not be tolerated.”

Obviously upset, Ms Elaine Tan wrote that the man had been walking in the middle of a car slope that turned into the driveway of a hotel.

Ms Tan’s father then asked the man to move to the side so that their car could pass.

However, instead of doing so, the man reportedly “purposely walked even slower and stared us down.”

But the incident did not end there.

When Ms Tan’s father stopped at the traffic light, the man came over “came and confront(ed) my dad saying my dad doesn’t know the road laws and that it was a pedestrian walk (it wasnt) and called my dad a d**k!”

In the video she uploaded, Ms Tan’s father can be heard saying, “No, no, no. This is Singapore. Do you know the law of Singapore?”

The man, who spoke in a North American accent, said, “This is Singapore! Yeah, I do. And I’m following the law.”

He can be heard saying, “Don’t be a d**k!” to Ms Tan’s father twice, pointing at his face.

Fortunately, Ms Tan’s father remained calm, but he told the man firmly, “You don’t come and talk like this to Singaporeans….You must understand our law?”

The man rudely interrupts him, asking “Seriously?” several times, then adding, “No la, no la… I followed your law. Why are you on the grid? You’re not following the law. You’re on the grid.”

“Follow the law,” the man said to Ms Tan’s father, before walking away.

Ms Tan wrote, “He clearly preyed on my older father whom he thinks he can bully and harass. I had my baby on me too. So obviously he knew we were an easy target for bullying. Such behavior should not be tolerated. Please share.”

The video of the man who confronted Ms Tan’s father may be viewed here.


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