Blog · March 13, 2022

Girlfriend thanks boyfriend for Gucci bag but asks if he will also give her a Rolex

A boyfriend took to social media to complain that “social media is so toxic,” following the pressures from his girlfriend regarding gifts and money.

The man explained their situation in an anonymous post on confessions page NUSWhispers on Sunday (Mar 13).

He shared that they were in their early 30s and together for three years.

“Our relationship has been mostly smooth; we are saving for our future together,” he said.

Although they have no issues taking turns paying for dates, the BF said that his GF would compare herself with her “materialistic friends.”

“It felt like she is competing with others who have a richer and more capable BF,” he admitted.

The man said it was “obvious” that her friends were just “showing off.”

“This Vday, I got her a Gucci bag,” said the BF, noting that he surprised her with something she’s been eyeing for a while.

“She thanked me for the bag and told me she loved the gift, but she mentioned one of her girlfriends got a Rolex and she wonder if she will get one from me,” he said.

He then explained that she already had a Rolex before they met. “I don’t see the point of owning more than one Rolex. We are not watch collectors,” he noted.

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When he explained that she could consider selling the one she had and he could buy her another, she agreed. He thought the issue was over.

However, after some time passed, the GF brought up the topic again, noting he wasn’t being reasonable.

“She said I obviously can afford the watch without her reselling hers, and I would rather make things difficult for her.”

He explained in his post that they were close to hitting their target savings, meaning he would be able to propose to her soon.

The watch would only set them back, he added.

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Meanwhile, the GF said she didn’t want to delay the marriage…but she also wanted the Rolex.

“We don’t plan to have children, so we do not feel rushed to settle down. But the Rolex issue stumped me. This is one of the first times that we cannot see eye to eye,” said the BF.

He asked the community if he should just buy the watch and “get this over with.”

Members from the online community said it was either the Rolex or a new GF. “Now is Rolex; next time might be a car. If you don’t indulge her, someone else will,” said a netizen.

Another Facebook user said it was impossible to a brand new Rolex watch, with the waitlist extending a few years. “Use this excuse,” he added./TISG

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