Blog · March 7, 2022

Letter to the Editor: What’s becoming of Singapore? Is everything about dollars & cents? What about social, moral & ethical aspects of society?

Dear Editor,

Singaporeans are reputed to be a very materialistic lot.

The government runs Singapore like a business – everything is about dollars and cents – but little attention is given to social, moral and ethical aspects of society.

The attention given by the authorities is grossly inadequate to address this issue. Over the decades, this society has evolved into one where “money talks”. People possess no class or social graces, but that’s not important if you are rich.

Everything else is secondary, as long as you have the cash to splash. Money makes everything acceptable. Look at drivers of luxury cars who think they own the roads.

On the other end of the spectrum, for those in the middle class and below, it’s a real struggle for survival and to make ends meet. Go to any HDB heartland, and you’ll see people littering, loitering, spitting and smoking indiscriminately.

They spout vulgarities in every other sentence and talk loudly, oblivious to others around.

Just this morning I read about a youth who beat up a man for asking him not to stand too close, a pervert who told a young girl he wants to lick her pussy, a road rage case leaving an old uncle shaken and in tears, and a crazy guy who scratched a Tesla car for no reason.

It makes one wonder, what’s becoming of us? What’s becoming of Singapore?

Lawrence Seow

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