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Stories you might’ve missed, Apr 23

Netizens react to charges against Eugene Thuraisingam for breaching gag order — ‘Charge the woman and give lawyer a medal’


Photo: FB screengrab/Eugene Thuraisingam

High-profile lawyer Eugene Thuraisingam was charged with two counts of breaching a gag order on Friday (Apr 22) arising from a 2021 case in which a doctor accused of molesting a woman was later acquitted.

On Aug 16, 2021, the prosecution withdrew the charges against Dr Yeo Sow Nam, an anaesthetist and director of a clinic at Mount Elizabeth Hospital, acquitting him of outrage of modesty charges, after a four-year wait.

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Chee Soon Juan calls out website for saying, ‘Opposition parties great at pointing out flaws within PAP or its gov’t policies, but they’ve scarcely offered solutions’


Photo: FB screengrab/Chee Soon Juan

Dr Chee Soon Juan, the secretary-general of the Singapore Democratic Party, wrote in a Facebook post on Friday morning (Apr 22) that he had come across a report online and while he had found it to be “straightforward,” there was one part that he appeared to strongly disagree with. He then posted the excerpt from the article that had “caught his eye”.

“But it’s important to state that while the opposition parties have always been great at pointing out the inherent flaws within PAP or its government policies, they’ve scarcely offered solutions, and thereby reasons, why they might be a better representation of Singapore.”

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Netizens strongly disagree with local pastor for defending & encouraging S’porean youth who led Christian worship songs on plane during humanitarian trip to Ukraine


Photo: TikTok screengrab/ jackjenszjr

A TikTok video of a young man who led the singing of Christian worship songs in several languages on Good Friday aboard an Easyjet plane went viral online, but all for the wrong reasons.

The 20-second clip titled “We are taking this flight over for Jesus!” has been viewed, commented on, and shared thousands of times. It shows a group of young people who had come from a humanitarian trip to Ukraine singing a Christian song of praise  “How Great Is our God” while other passengers look decidedly uncomfortable.

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Candlelight vigil for Nagaenthran on April 25, two days before his scheduled execution


Photo: Facebook screengrab

On Wednesday (Apr 20), the family of convicted Malaysian drug trafficker Nagaenthran K. Dharmalingam was told that he would be executed next week, on Apr 27.

Activists have been fighting his execution for many months, arguing that Nagaenthran has an IQ of 69 and suffers from an intellectual disability. They want an end to the death penalty in Singapore and will hold a candlelight vigil for him on Monday night, Apr 25. The public is invited to attend.

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Basic Guide to Foreign Currency Fixed Deposit Accounts



Foreign currency fixed deposit accounts are fairly similar to Singapore fixed deposit accounts but differ by introducing the risk of variable foreign exchange rates. This guide reviews how these deposits work, covering key factors that drive interest earned, and important risks to consider.

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